Kate Spade has a massive catalog that spans clothing, jewelry, handbags, and accessories. The watch line from Kate Spade offers several different timekeeping styles to choose from. Take a look at our rankings of the seven best Kate Spade watches here.

Kate Spade was an excellent designer who got her start in accessories. Although the brand has branched out since then, accessories are still where Kate Spade shines.

Watches might not be the relevant time-telling tool that they once were, but they still provide an excellent piece that can tie an outfit together. Ahead, we’ll take a look at our seven favorite Kate Spade watches.

How We Chose Our Rankings

Before we get into our rankings of the best Kate Spade watches, we wanted to take a moment to go over how we developed our rankings. This will give you a better idea of where we stand and will help you evaluate the best watch for you.


The first consideration we made was how these watches look. Watches aren’t really about telling time anymore. We have cell phones for that. Most people buy a watch as an accessory, and the biggest thing you want from an accessory is for it to look good.

Some of the Kate Spade watches are a bit busy for our taste. The straps have too much going on, or the face has too much design for its own good.

This is an area of personal preference, so we thought it was worth mentioning here. We largely ranked the simple, elegant watches higher than those with a lot going on.

ladies holding each other hands

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Another element to our rankings was the versatility of the watches. In other words, we considered how well these watches would go with different outfits.

As much as you’d like to, you probably can’t afford to buy a drawer full of different watches. These watches are largely around the $$ mark, so you probably want something you can wear with almost anything.

We ranked versatile watches higher than those that would need specific outfits. The more matching options the watch had, the higher we valued it.


Most people aren’t taking their Kate Spade watches hiking with them, but durability is still a concern. 

We valued water resistance and the ability to take a bump or two when evaluating these watches. Sure, they don’t have to be able to make it through a wilderness retreat unscathed, but we didn’t want to recommend watches that would fall apart after a few months.

Top 7 Best Kate Spade Watches

kate spade new york Women's Scallop Quartz Watch with...
  • 38 x 45 mm case, 16 mm band width, mineral crystal, Quartz movement with three hand analog display, imported
  • Round stainless steel case, with a white dial
  • Quartz Movement

The Morningside Scallop Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch tops our list because of the classic, stylish design. This the watch that a lot of people think of when they picture Kate Spade watches.

The watch comes in two different colors: silver and rose gold. The silver option is a bit cheaper than the rose gold tone, but we think the color is worth a bit of extra money.

The Scallop style is one of the more popular women’s watch designs nowadays. The strap is thicker than some others in the collection. Whether or not you like this will boil down to personal preference, but it’s still in line with the leading trends of today.

There is a Scallop watch with a thinner band for a slightly higher price, so don’t let the thickness of the band dissuade you from picking this one up.

Rating: 5/5

Diruite 3-Pack for Kate Spade Scallop 2 Smartwatch Screen Protector...
  • 【Compatible model】Only Fit for Kate Spade Scallop 2 (2019) Smartwatch. Not fit for Kate Spade Scallop 1...
  • 【Product Material】high quality 9H hardness glass, protect from accidental scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and...
  • 【Product Features】2.5d full coverage screen protection / HD clear viewing experience / bubble free /...

Smartwatches are the newest trend in the watch industry, and most companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Those who are looking for Kate Spade smartwatches have three options that all have the same features.

These options boil down to which type of strap you prefer. They have the rose gold-toned stainless steel, black silicone, and blush leather bands to choose from. Both of the latter options will cost just under $300, while the stainless steel band is understandably a bit more expensive.

This watch deserves a bit more of a deep-dive than some of the others because of the added element of being a smartwatch.

The standard smartwatch design is arguably a bit unattractive. The small square standard of the Apple watch is decent, but it doesn’t exactly catch the eye.

holding the watch

Image Source: unsplash

Kate Spade watches prioritize style first, so you can probably guess that this hybrid smartwatch is one of the best-looking women’s smartwatches on the market. The Scallop 2 is one of our favorite smartwatches and deserves mention on this list.

The design of the Scallop 2 is remarkably similar to the first Scallop with some updated features. The smartwatch industry is constantly changing, which means companies that sell them usually have to update their hardware.

The updated features of the Scallop 2 include a waterproof body, GPS, heart sensor, and the new Google Wear OS. These are some good features but are about in-line with most of the other smartwatches currently on the market.

The battery life of the Kate Spade Scallop 2 isn’t the best in the smartphone market. You won’t be able to get more than a day of use out of it, but it charges pretty quickly.

Although the Scallop 2 might not be the most functional smartwatch on the market, it’s one of the better hybrid versions we’ve seen. When you combine the features with the style of the watch, it’s an easy pick over some of the big names in the space.

 Rating: 5/5

 3. Kate Spade New York Ladies Park Row Wrist Watch

kate spade new york Women's Park Row Silicone Stainless Steel...
  • Case thickness: 7 mm; case size: 34 mm; band width: 12 mm; band circumference: 175 +/- 5 mm
  • Strap material: silicone; movement: three hand-quartz; water resistant: 3 atm
  • Japanese-quartz Movement

The New York Ladies park row wrist Watch is one of the cheaper Kate Spade watches, but still delivers the style and function you expect. In fact, this is one of the easier watches to read out of any in the Kate Spade collection.

The watch has a simple, sleek design that’s all navy and gold. At $150 on the Kate Spade website, this watch won’t break the bank but will still deliver the quality, stylish product you expect.

We really liked the simple navy and gold design of this watch. It catches the eye without being too flashy and can go with a long list of different outfits.

 Rating: 4/5

kate spade new york Women's 1YRU0811 Holland Watch With Black Leather...
  • Round watch in gold-tone finish featuring sunray subdial with spade logo at 12 o'clock
  • 34 mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display

The Metro Floral Black Leather Watch is one of the more unique Kate Spade watches in the catalog. The face of the watch shows an elegant floral display, and the hands on the dial look like pedals.

This watch throws all functionality to the wind in favor of style. It will take more than a glance to tell what time it is, as the numbers on the watch are gone in favor of dots.

Still, this is one of our favorite Kate spade watches. The band is thin, black, and fashionable. The colors match most outfits as well, so this can be your go-to watch when looking for potential accessories.

 Rating: 4/5

Kate Spade Women's Annadale Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap,...
  • This 30mm annadale watch features a white semi-gloss dial with black printed numerals
  • 30mm case, 18mm band width, mineral crystal, Quartz movement with 3-hand analog display, imported
  • Round stainless steel case, with a white dial

The Park Ray Mini Rose Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch rounds out our list of the best Kate Spade watches, mainly because of its size. Women’s watch faces are trending in the larger direction, but this one holds true to the classic mini style that some people prefer.

The size of your watch is a matter of personal preference, so we wanted to include a mini option for those who prefer this style. Still, these watches aren’t what you’ll see most people wearing.

Although the basic utility of a watch is largely aesthetic nowadays, the size and design of this watch make it a bit difficult to read. There aren’t any numbers - which is common - but you may have to squint and look at the timepiece for a second if you don’t want to pull out your phone to check the time.

 Rating: 4/5

This is another bracelet watch for fans of this style. Unlike the one we included above, this bracelet watch is a bit more fashionable. It’s also a tad more difficult to read, but that’s not what most people consider when picking a watch.

The oval face sits nicely on the wrist and looks more like a piece of jewelry than a traditional watch. 

The case is actually a bit bigger than it appears. At 34 MM, it’s more in-line with some of the larger watches in the Kate Spade collection.

We liked this watch, but it wasn’t our favorite. Still, we can see this being a top pick for some women out there.

 Rating: 3/5

kate spade new york Women's 1YRU0099 Stainless Brooklyn Chronograph...
  • Case Size: 38 mm
  • This watch is perfect for everyday, from coffee to cocktails, it's a crowd pleaser
  • Japanese-quartz Movement

The Holland Chronograph Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch is another great choice from Kate Spade, especially if you enjoy watches that are a bit busier. The chronograph style isn’t overly common with women’s watches, but it’s a nice touch here.

This watch will cost you around $225 if you buy it at regular price. It’s water resistant, which is a nice touch as well. 

Like the watch we included above, this isn’t our favorite of the Kate Spade watches, but know that some people will think it’s a top option.

 Rating: 3/5

Buying Guide

Now that we’ve covered our top seven Kate Spade watches, it’s time to think about what you want out of a watch. Take the following elements into consideration before adding some of these watches to your cart.


You have to think about what materials you want your watch to be made with - both how it looks and how it will function.

Do you plan on swimming with your watch and using it under water? If so, you’ll need something that’s waterproof. This is usually a stainless steel case and band that won’t get ruined when it gets wet. Some people prefer this material anyway since they can keep their watch on when they’re doing dishes or other common activities that involve water.

Bracelet Watch Vs. Strap

The decision of whether you want a bracelet watch or a strap watch also relates to the material you’re interested in. Bracelet watches are metal, and adjustable when you remove or add some links.

This can be a hassle, though, and will add a few extra steps until you have your watch fitting the way you want it to.

Strap watches are much simpler. They allow you to adjust the watch size the same way you would with a belt. These straps come in multiple different styles and are easy to change and replace.

“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.” – Clive Owen

One version of a watch isn’t necessarily better than another. Bracelet watches are usually more expensive because of the materials, but that’s the only difference.

In the end, you’ll have to decide which style of watch you prefer.

Case Size

The traditional style of watch cases is growing for both men and women. The standard women's watch case will be 34mm, and many of the Kate Spade watches we listed fit this model.

Some watches are a bit larger, and some are a bit smaller. The large case is usually set with a smaller strap or bracelet to make the face of the watch pop a bit more. This is how most women prefer to display there watches nowadays.

Just because this style is popular, though, doesn’t mean it’s the only option. We included a couple of slammer watches that fit the old-school bracelet style for those who prefer a subtler touch.

Case size is another area where personal preference comes into play. Do you want your watch to be big or small?

Budget Considerations

Most of the Kate Spade watches fall into a similar price range. They cost anywhere from $$ to $$$, which is in the middle of the pack when it comes to designer watches.

If you only have around $$ to spend, there’s no reason to choose one of the more expensive options. Choosing a simpler strap or case will save you some money, and will look just as good as some of the top options. 

You can even get yourself a Kate Spade smartwatch for hundreds of dollars less than the price of an Apple watch.

Featured Image Source: unsplash

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