If your faithful Breitling is having a few issues these days, you know it’s time to take it in for a gander by the professionals. Maybe your watch has never had issues before, or you’ve just inherited a nice watch from Grandpa and now you’re not sure how to deal with the minute hand getting stuck.

Valuable watches require precise care and maintenance. Professionals should take care of major repairs and part replacements. Sometimes, its hard to find the right place to take your prized timepiece, though.

We’ve got some suggestions on your basic options for getting the right hands on your watch.

How to Get Your Watch Repaired

1. Try the Battery First

One of the easiest and quickest fixes for your watch is replacing the battery in your watch. If you’re a fan of the IT Crowd, think of this as the standard Roy response of “have you tried turning it off and on again?” solution. Quite often, a bad battery is the problem for a quartz movement watch. If you’re not sure if the watch is broken or just needs a new battery, try this quick and cheap fix first.

If you’re not sure where to get a battery for your particular watch, go online and search for “watch battery replacement near me.” Most jewelry and watch stores keep a variety of watch batteries on hand.

Once the jeweler puts a new battery into your watch, you will know immediately if the battery is the issue or not.

If, however, you’re certain that the battery isn’t the issue, or you’ve already tried replacing the battery, you have a few options for getting your watch repaired.

2. Watch Repair Near Me

The next easiest way to get a watch repaired, is simply searching for a watch repair shop close to home or work. If you’re visiting another city when your watch dies, you will need to call ahead to a watch shop to verify that they will be able to fix your watch in short order before you leave town.

3. Do It Yourself

A strong word of caution on this method: do not attempt any major repairs on your own, unless you’re a watchmaker. You can cause serious damage if you tinker with the watch movement mechanism, also called the caliber, and may make things significantly worse. If it’s a minor repair issue, like reattaching a watch band to the watch case, or changing a battery, you can likely do the repair safely.

If you’re handy with mechanical items, you may be able to fix minor issues with your watch yourself. Be sure to get the plans for the your watch before attempting any kind of minor repairs on your own.

Next, you’ll want to obtain a good watch repair kit. A variety of options can be purchased online for a decent price, including the Esslinger Deluxe, the Stalwart, and the Utopia Deluxe. Each kit has qualities that got them top reviews from professional reviewers, and serve a variety of purposes. Check out their full descriptions before purchasing to make sure that the one you choose will do the trick for your repair project.

getting your watch repaired correctly

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Once you have your tools in hand, you should look up a tutorial on repairing or replacing the part of the watch that needs attention. Wikihow has a few, including watch band replacement, and changing your own watch battery. More complicated issues may be found on Youtube or other sites with how tos available online.

4. Ship Your Watch to the Manufacturer

Another option for getting your watch repaired is shipping it to the manufacturer. This can be a costly option, unless you’ve got a service warranty. This kind of coverage, however, does generally cover basic maintenance and cleanings, but will not likely cover accidental damage repair or replacement.

5. Take a Watch Repair Course

If you’re really into watches, you could always take a watch repair course online, through a DVD series, or at a local jeweler and watchmaker shop or school.

Before Heading Out to the Shop

Before going to a watch store for repairs, look up “watch store near me” on Google or Bing, find one that sounds decent, and then call them. You need to find out if they can repair the particular brand of watch you need repaired. After all, not all stores will have the necessary equipment or replacement parts for your Invicta watch.

If the store you call cannot repair your watch, ask them for suggestions for a store that might be able to do so. Since they’re not able to do the repairs for you, they’re likely to have some ideas on who nearby can do the work.

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