When you see a well-dressed man in a business suit, stylish watch and accessories that complement his style, it makes you think that he is a savvy professional.

Wearing a watch is more often about making a statement rather than for telling the time.

Sure, a watch these days serves a multitude of purposes, but we often make our choice based on superficial reasons. For example, how it looks, how much it costs, how exclusive it is and who will wear it.

Men’s watches are a special accessory.

This is sometimes the only accessory worn by a man. Similar to women, they can compliment outfits, change watchstraps and choose from different brands depending on their mood.

Maybe, this is why it’s a collector’s item for male watch virtuoso and aficionados.

It could be because, Timex and other watch makers design watches for men with complex parts that requires more than just a curious glance.

Guidelines to Wearing a Watch

guidelines to wearing a watch

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Certain principles exist that guide how and when a man should wear his watch, depending on the type. There is a watch that suits each occasion, whether you are clubbing, working or looking to spend a couple hours at the gym.

For a professional appearance that compliments a great work suit, choose a watch with a metallic or stainless steel band.

Colored faced ones or watches with brown leather watchstraps compliment business casual options.

For your weekend excursions, errands and energetic workouts, you can choose the LED features or those watches with a canvas or rubber strap.

Timex Watches for Every Purpose

The century’s old American watchmaker has long offered affordable Timex watches for men all over the world.

They are a rite of passage, for young men.

The brand makers have a surplus of options for every customer. These low price Timex watches, they are not inferior or unattractive, as people may think.

For Professional Wear

For a more classic and simple design to complement your business suit, have a look at the Waterbury Classic Chronograph 40mm Stainless Steel Watch.

This Waterbury timepiece is a timeless chronograph design with polished casing, adjustable straps and a date window. It is water resistant to 50m and comes with the light-up watch dial. You can also opt for the black model.

The company designed these models to celebrate their ancestry in Waterbury, Connecticut.

For Business Casual

The Timex Waterbury Chronograph with brown, leather strap is a great choice for your business casual day. There are more color options for those with eclectic preferences. This vintage looking piece looks flattering, on any wrist.

This Chronograph is only permissible at 50m and has a stainless steel casing.

You can select the Intelligent Quartz® Flyback Chronograph 43mm Leather Strap Watch. The strap is brown and has the Indiglo® light-up watch dial. It can adjust to two time zones and will withstand water pressure to 100m.

For Active Wear

The Timex Expedition Base Shock 45mm Resin Strap Watch works for active pursuits.

It has a rubber band that can withstand constant scratches and movement. Expedition is shock resistant, water resistant, has a customizable alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer.

This Timex sport watch is lightweight, comes in three colors and also has the Indiglo® light-up watch dial. It won’t impede your workouts, weekend errands or chores. The water resistant model can go to depths of 200m, so divers, snorkelers or surfers will find it useful.

Timex Setting New American Trends

To diversify your style, Timex joined a partnership with the Red Wing Shoe company. This was in celebration of their 160th anniversary.

It complimented their mantra of being progressive, competitive and individualistic. The illustrious companies released a collection that will add a suave mystic to your business wardrobe.

The Timex timepieces will compliment your Red Wing shoes. It brings that retro, nostalgic feel that will garner you many compliments.

Red Wing provided the leather straps and Timex, the craftsmanship. The result of combining these elements was a collection worth swooning over.

Watch geek alert!

These Timex Red Wing watches are available in different sizes and models. There is a chronograph model that has a vintage feel and carries the Timex logo stamped on the back. Its rich leather and silver casing will compliment your outfit.

Wrap Up

Timex offers multiple watches that will compliment the style of any man.

Their long history and impeccable artistry has produced hundreds of models over the last 160 years. They diversified and offered both men’s and women’s watches.

You will find watches to suit any outfit in your closet.

From plastic straps that are suitable for your active lifestyle to stainless steel designs that had a dimension of professionalism to every look.

Their best quality is being able to market different pieces that are affordable and trendy.


Feature image via The Idle Man

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