Wristwatches are a fundamental competent of contemporary fashion as it relates to men, because they wear minimum accessories, in comparison to women.

This exclusive fashion accessory has elevated its standard from just telling the time.

A wristwatch performs a plethora of functions including enhancing our image and making us appear debonair and stylish.

Yes, this can all happen because of a wristwatch.

But the opposite effect will occur if we do not compliment our outfit. For example, if we select a plastic strap watch, that is juvenile in appearance, while wearing a three-piece suit.

The watch would detract from our overall image.

While appearance is important, function is another factor.

Types of Wrist Watch by Category

Some readers feel thrilled to learn that there are, on average, 20 different categories for wristwatches.

Yes, there are watch models that have over one function and hence fit into several categories.

Wristwatches divide into three main groups, at the upper level. According to watch movement type, watch display type, watch function and style type. Then they further subdivide into subcategories.

different styles of watches

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Watch Function & Style Type

This is has a larger category of timepieces, which include  the Smart watch, GPS, Atomic Radio Controlled, Aviator, Dress, GMT, Military, Chronograph and Dive watches.

As you might have guessed, these types of watches meet this classification based on their function and style.

Watch Display Type

The Touch screen, Tactile, Hybrid, Digital and Analog subcategories fall under the watch display type grouping.

This of timepieces is self-explanatory. These wristwatches are categories based on the area of the watch we look at every day, the display.

Watch Movement Type

The mechanism that drives the entire watch is referred to as the watch movement. It is like an engine.

As the heart is to the body, so too is the watch movement to a wrist watch.

There is no operation without it.

Under this first category, you will find the six other subcategories. They are the Spring Drive, Chronometer, Kinetic, Solar, Quartz and the Automatic and Mechanical watches.

Let’s Focus on Two Watch Function Types

It is mind boggling to think that there are so many types. However, we owe this development to technological innovations in the watch making industry.

Have you tried out the Apple watch?

It is out of this world!

Today, we will examine on two of the more known subsets, i.e. the chronograph and the tachymeter watch.

The Chronograph Watch

So what is chronograph watch used for, really?

The chronograph is a stopwatch, with a dash of luxury. These wristwatches usually have one to three buttons that represent the reset, start and stop functions.

Whether for its design or function, the chronograph watch is one of the more popular timepieces among young men under 40 years of age, these days. Though, its full capabilities are never explored, unless the wearer requires it for a job function.

The seconds, minutes and hours that are counted on these devices often proved useful for athletes, swimmers, horse racers, astronauts, test pilots and divers.

But did you know that you could use the chronograph watch for every day functions?

If you are a writer, it helps to time your writing sessions so that you can set up frequent brings during the day.

For a great buy, check out the Timex Southview Multifunction chronograph watch or the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch.

The Tachymeter Watch

tachymeter watches

Image via Sky Watches

If you are wondering, what is a tachymeter watch, these are a type of watch that measures speed according to time journeyed above a preset distance. On the bezel is where you will find the tachymeter component.

It breaks down time into seconds per unit, to speed in units per hour. Its purpose is to balance and calculate times from around 7 – 60 seconds.

The tachymeter watch is ideal in timing a racecar driver or even checking the accuracy of your speedometer. Some writers have even used to check how many sentences they could type per hour.

If you are interested in a tachymeter watch, then check out the Seiko Men’s SND255 Tachymeter Watch or the Men’s Geneva Platinum Round Face Tachymeter Panther Link Watch.

Wrap Up

The world of wristwatches is diverse and fascinating.

Over the last hundred years, we have seen a continued growth in the watch categories available on the market.

There are watches that fall into the watch function, watch movement and watch display categories. And then these have further subsets.

One can only guess that there are hundreds of watch models in existence.

These watches are designed for many purposes, but what appeals to consumers, are their stylistic and individualistic designs.

Two of those models are the chronograph watch and the tachymeter watch. Though complex in design, they are popular choices among consumers.

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