Luxurious, yet affordable. These are the standards that Relic watches seem to live by, and they provide both features exceptionally well. When you’re looking at getting a new wristwatch that looks good and functions well then a Relic watch would be right up your alley. Find out more about this Relic Watches review below.

This Fossil offshoot offers a lot for its purchasers, but many people don’t know a lot about these watches in general. In this article, we’ll go over some in-depth features and information regarding the brand and why these watches are pretty fantastic if you need something stylish without spending a lot of money.

What Are Relic Watches and How Do They Work?

Relic started off as a solution for their parent company, Fossil,  to provide low-cost watches and the attempt to gain more business. Originally Fossil was intent on selling high-end wristwatches that easily match the prices of more expensive jewelry.

What they found out, however, was that many people were less likely to buy high-end watches over the price of jewelry and their sales plummeted. So as a result, Fossil decided to start up Relic watches as a way to garner the interests of individuals who are looking for a classic timepiece with useful timekeeping technology.

Anyone who compares a Fossil watch to a Relic watch can easily see that the two clocks are very similar in style on the outside which is great for someone who is looking for a more excellent watch.

However, the most significant difference is the quality of the components that make up the watch’s interior, and that marks the difference in what you’re paying when you choose a low-priced watch.

But many people realize soon after they’ve owned a Relic watch for a while is that they generally live around two years and most ordinary circumstances. For people who take a considerable amount of care with their watches, they can average it about five years of life for their piece before considering a replacement.

These odds aren’t bad especially because these are lower price watches and most of the time you’d be lucky to get a year out of some of the more basic models. While some of the outer coatings may fade or wear off with time, the inner components work reasonably well, and they typically make up for the price that you have to pay for the watch.

Currently, the majority of Relic watches get manufactured in China and found in just about any department store that you can walk into or online markets such as Amazon and eBay. There was a limited amount of Swiss-made watches explicitly catered for the Fossil group, but come listed as premium-priced watches strictly provided for fashion.

As a result, you can expect premium prices along with these watches if you happen to come across any of them.

What Makes Relic Watches Unique?

The thing that makes Relic watches unique is the fact that there a budget watch that’s wrapped up in a luxurious finish. They look pretty on the outside, you might get some compliments from people who don’t know the brand, and they work reasonably well for the first couple of years that you have them.

Most of the time Relic watches are commercialized more towards teenagers and young adults who are known to live within a strict budget, and they need something that can get them by until they can afford something more beautiful.

You’ll get a lovely vintage style with any of their Relic models, but all of their timekeeping components are as modern as you can get beyond smartwatches.

All Relic watches come with a stainless steel bracelet and quartz movements for accuracy; they feel stable and extremely durable while seemingly able to handle most of what your day to day needs are.  And even though it is a budget watch, Fossil didn’t skimp on the quality of the Interior components which is a mark above all other forms of budget watches.

As long as you’re aware of what you’re buying, you can rest assured that this watch will meet all of your standards for the time that you have it. What’s nice is that while the design initially looks to cater to men, many styles are available that provide and accentuate women styles and fashions.

Take the Relic ZR77241 for example; It’s a higher rated watch on Amazon, and you’ll get a three-hand analog display, it’s self-winding, and your movements act as a power source which reduces your need for a Battery to operate it. Some customers even claim that they only had to move a couple of times every week with it for it to stay on time.

relic watch

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Its banding comes made out of genuine crocodile leather, and it has gold-tone plated stainless steel casing was a black skeleton dial that shows the inner workings of the watch. You’ll get water resistance up to 165 feet which makes it safe to use in the shower and during recreational swimming, however, keep in mind that the chlorine will destroy the finish faster if you do this.

The best seller for Relic’s women’s watches caters to the same amount of quality, but you’re only paying about $50 to have it. It’s got a silver and gold-tone plated stainless steel casing And crystals at the bezel with a three-hand analog display and a small date window. You may also notice the mother of pearl dial with crystal hour markers catered specifically to look elegant.

Just like the bestselling Relic ZR, it is water-resistant up to 165 feet but once again be cautious with chlorine content and contact with your watch.  You can even get it in different color-variations, these variations include:

  • Silver Tone
  • Silver and Gold Tone
  • Silver and Rose Gold Tone
  • And Rose Gold Tone

Relic caters to many elegant styles meant for women’s fashion going from modest silver-tones to more exuberant rose gold and gold-plated designs. Most of what you can find is typically under $100, and you can always rely on the fact that they are accurate and will withstand the right amount of abuse before they need replacing.

The quality for what you’re paying for is actually on par, and while they don’t last as long through consistent use, you will get a high-quality watch that manages to withstand a lot of the day-to-day grind and gives you something reliable to have on your wrist when you need it.


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The pricing is mostly dependent on what kind of features you’re looking to get out of your Relic watch. On Amazon right now oh, several Relic watches range anywhere from $29.99 all the way up to $112.99. As to be expected, most of the lower price watches are very dull and are primarily made to provide the bare basics as far as design and features are concerned.

However, People who buy these watches are fully aware of their quality for what they’re paying for, and thankfully Fossil does not skimp on some of the more exceptional details such as the internal components and some of the more luxurious accents that come placed on the watch itself. For the price of the clock, you are getting something of value, and it reflects well when you get one.

What many people don’t know, is that The Fossil Group placed a 12-year limited warranty on all of their Relic watches from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all material and any manufacturing defects that occurred during the warranty period. In this warranty, Fossil covers explicitly the hands, the dial, and any movement that the watch makes.

If your watch features any of these defects or breakages, any authorized service center can repair it and restore it to its original condition. While the warranty is pretty extensive as far as what it will cover on your watch, you will have to pay an $8.50 return shipping and handling fee when you send it in for restoration.

Even if the warranty does not cover the damage, Relic will still offer repairs to watches at an additional cost. It’s $18.50 for a battery replacement service, and that is in addition to the $8.50 shipping and handling fee that was discussed earlier.

Any components that are not covered by the 12-year limited warranty will be subject to a $45 repair fee on top of the $8.50 shipping and handling fee. For your watch to qualify for the 12-year warranty and to take advantage of the repair services provided, you must make sure that you purchase your watch from an authorized retailer.

While it may seem expensive to send your watch in to get repaired, the warranty covers a broad spectrum of different problems that can occur with your watch, and almost all of the issues that you’ll encounter with it will only cost you the shipping and handling fee to get replaced.

If it means extending your watches life and look for another couple of years, it seems well worth it to take advantage of the warranty and repair services Relic provides.

Public Perception (Other Relic Watch Reviews)

Customer reviews are relatively positive when it comes to Relic watches and the quality that they receive for the price that they paid. There are some minor complaints regarding band size versus wrist size and easily remedied by replacing it with a different band if it was possible.

The majority of the complaints where geared towards the band being too small, or feeling too cheap compared to the quality of the actual watch itself. Unfortunately, most of these watches do not come with a backlight feature so in dim light settings they were unable to view the time displayed on their clock.

This factor alone was a huge downside for many customers, and it was hard to justify especially when other watches did cater to a backlight feature.

The Relic watches that had the self-winding feature, a lot of customers were thrilled that they didn’t have to move around too much to keep it consistent with time. Even for the price, the self-winding feature was a huge plus for a lot of customers who didn’t want to rely on a battery to keep the watch running.

Of course, the more apparent pluses that customers loved was, the cheaper the price tag and an elegant looking style. They loved how beautiful the designs were, and many customers were proud to say that their watches were lasting three years without any complaints. The quality of the inner components was evident despite the price tag being affordable for most households.

How Relic Watches Compare

Relic Watch

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Compared to a lot of the cheaper brands of watches that are out there, Relic boasts of having higher quality materials integrated into their watches. Not to mention the professional and elegant looks that they feature without a considerable price tag to go along with it.

Not to mention, the 12-year warranty that comes with your purchase puts Relic miles ahead of the competition for watches in that price range. Unfortunately, as customers have pointed out with their clocks, there are very few of their models that come with a backlight feature So reading the time in a dim light setting can be difficult.

Not to mention, if you’re not familiar with analog time settings then you may struggle versus a cheaper digital watch would be able to provide an easy way to tell the time and the date.  Overall, you will want to make sure you have a clear idea as to what you’re looking for in a watch before making a final choice on a Relic piece.

What We Think

If you’re in the market for a beautiful and well-detailed watch without breaking the pocketbook to get ahold of it, then A Relic watches the perfect clock for you. There are a lot of different styles and size options that are available at any time, and they all come with a 12-year warranty which is probably one of the best warranties on the market for cheaper watches.

Even though the quality of Fossil watches isn’t available for Relic watches, it’s apparent that the company did its best to provide higher quality for their Relic lineup instead of resorting to cheap materials to sell budget watches.

These reasons are why we feel that they’re a good brand to work with, even if you never upgrade to a full Fossil watch, you know that you’re still getting good quality for your money.

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