Your timepiece can say a lot about your personality, interests, and life experiences. Whether you’re wearing a Cartier Santos aviator’s watch, an Omega Seamaster diving watch, or a Rolex Daytona driving watch, the watch you wear provides features that enable your lifestyle and tells the world your passion.

A GMT watch can tell the world your love of travel, but also provides handy features that enable you to avoid calling home at three in the morning and accidentally waking the baby while you’re away for business.

GMT Meaning

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. Greenwich Mean Time is the local average, or mean, solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, in the United Kingdom. This time was, for over a century, considered the time standard by which watches and clocks were set.

As the United Kingdom advanced in its maritime pursuits, the Greenwich Mean Time became the standard for the sailors as they traveled the world’s oceans.

Various other methods of keeping to a particular time standard, including the celestial navigation technique of lunar distances, ultimately culminated in setting the Greenwich Mean Time as the world standard by which people and organizations set their clocks and watches.

Since 1972, however, a new standard of time has been adopted, the UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time, which has a more precise meaning for exact time keeping. GMT remains in use in many aspects of world time keeping, but does not observe daylight savings, and is not as precise as UTC.

GMT Watches and World Time Watches

For those who need to keep track of time across the globe, whether during travel or for communication purposes with people on other hemispheres, a world time watch may be of vital importance.

A dual time zone watch and a world time watch are two different things, though somewhat similar, and often confused for each other. A dual time zone watch merely relates the time of two time-zones. One time-zone is the local time zone, set for the wearer’s location. The second time-zone is set to the time-zone of choice of the wearer for keeping track of the time of day somewhere else in the world.

A common use of the duel time zone watch is keeping local time on the main dial and keeping GMT time in the secondary time-zone dial. This type of watch may be called a GMT watch by some.

A world time watch, which may also be referred to as a GMT watch, however, shows the time simultaneously, in 24 time zones.

These watches have 24 cities on an outer ring, and as the minutes tick away, the present time in each city is shown. As you move a ring on the watch, the city name appears and the hour hand automatically moves ahead or behind to adjust to the time for the city showing.

time zones/ GMT Watch

Image via Ball Watch

This watch complication is helpful for those who travel a lot and may be found in a variety of models offered by a variety of watchmaking companies. Those with family members in other parts of world, and people who work for businesses that operate on different hemispheres may find any of these GMT watches helpful.

The Best GMT Watches

If you’re looking for the right GMT watch, you’ll want to check these models out from some of the world’s greatest watchmakers.

Seiko SUN025P1 Kinetic

This Seiko GMT watch is powered by kinetic motion. This means the Seiko GMT uses the energy produced by the movement of wearer of the watch to self-wind the watch. This watch is in the moderate price range, and affordable for most people in the western world.

Some other Seiko GMT watches include:

  • Seiko Alarm Chronograph World Time SPL049P1
  • Seiko Sportura Solar World Time Chronograph SSC479
    Seiko Sportura World Time Solar Chronograph SSC481
  • Seiko Sportura World Time Solar Chronograph SSC483
  • Seiko Prospex Sea World Time Solar Chronograph SSC485

Rolex GMT Master II Watch

On the higher end of the spectrum, the Rolex GMT Master II will run you several thousand dollars. The GMT Master II comes in a variety of models made from Oystersteel, everose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or some combination of two of these precious metals.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Watch

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT watch is a dive watch with a ceramic top ring, analog dial, and luminescent hands and markings for easier reading in dimmer lights while diving. This is an automatic movement watch with up to 60 hours in power reserve.

Your GMT Watch

If you travel a lot, or have family in another time zone, you should definitely consider getting a GMT or world time watch. These handy timepieces can help prevent you from making some awkward mistakes, like calling a business colleague at four in the morning on a Saturday.

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