It can be hard to find the right gift, especially for people who are close to us. Sometimes you need to get a gift for a man who has it all. If you need to find a gift for a man who loves watches, then you have a surprising amount of options.

You don’t always have to get a new watch. There are great tools, accessories, and other options. People have even written books about them. 

You would be surprised at how many great gift ideas for men who love watches are out in the world. People can get creative with how they incorporate watches into products.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We looked to fellow watch lovers to find great gift ideas for men who love watches. We look at experts and blogs by avid watch lovers. After all, they would find some of the coolest gift ideas out there.

We use their ideas as a way to start. We looked into what they suggested for gifts and then researched each product. We want to suggest the best gifts for you. No one wants to be in the awkward position of giving a bad gift. 

Once we have a list of products to look into, we check out different consumer sites. We look at what their ratings are, what customers love about the product, and what are common problems with the product.

We focus on customer reviews because fellow customers don’t have any biases. They aren’t paid by a company to say nice things about their product. If they genuinely like it, they want to share how great it is. 

If it’s terrible, they want to warn others, so no one makes the same mistakes they did. They also want to scold the company, so they fix their mistake. 

If we like a product idea, but it doesn’t have good reviews, we’ll look for another similar product that has better reviews. Luckily where there is one product, there is usually another. 

Doing all this lets us feel confident in our choices, so you can feel confident about whatever you pick.

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Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Men Who Love Watches

We did our best to find a variety of great gift ideas for men who love watches. We wanted to give options beyond just getting him another watch. We found books, accessories, and cleaning supplies. 

We also wanted to consider the average person’s budget. You won’t see any triple-digit price tags here.


Leather Watch Roll by W&S for Travel and Storage for Watches: Pockets...
  • KEEP YOUR PRECIOUS WATCHES PROTECTED: With the premium quality watch roll you can keep your watches protected and...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: The Wrist & Style watch roll is made with the highest quality materials. Made with...
  • PERFECT FOR ALL YOUR WATCHES: The leather watch roll is ideal for every watch and strap in your collection. The...

This product is a handy-dandy watch storage. You can use it in your home or for traveling. It’s special because you can personalize it for the man you are getting it for. 

You can choose between two to six pockets for the roll. It could also hold any tools for the watch with the extra pockets. You can even pick what color the stitching is. It’s all handmade.

It’s made of brown Italian leather, a stainless steel buckle, hand stitches, and is laser engraved with letters of your choosing. There is nothing that will scratch the watch’s face. 

The seller and creator of this watch roll has a high ratings for their Etsy shop. The most common comments compliment the materials used and how well made it is.


Treehut Men Wood Watch Classic Collection Quartz Analog with Brown...
  • ECO-ELEGANT DESIGN – This Treehut watch is environmentally conscious since it is handmade using sustainable bamboo...
  • MINIMALIST – This analog timepiece is guaranteed to give you accurate time and a unique fashion statement. It has a...
  • JAPANESE QUARTZ MOVEMENT – This classic timepiece is handcrafted with Japanese quartz analog movement to ensure its...

Sure, maybe you don’t need to get him another watch, but does he have a wooden watch? You can even get it engraved on the back. It’s an official British Gold Company watch. It comes in a lovely wooden box. 

The watch face doesn’t have numbers. Instead, it features all lines. It’s easy to read and looks handmade with the polish of a store-bought watch. It has a Quartz battery that ensures accurate timekeeping. 

The artist creates the engraving through burn carving into the wood. You can have up to four lines and eight words in total.

The watch is made of leather, wood, and bamboo. 


50 Pack - SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (12" x 16")
  • Super soft & non-abrasive microfiber cloths prevent scratching surfaces, paints, coats or other surfaces.
  • Holds 8 Times its weight in liquid. and dries fast
  • Four Colors: Green x 12, Yellow x 12 Blue x 13, Orange x 13

This may be one of the most helpful gifts you can get a watch lover. It’s a hundred percent made of cotton and made in the USA. You can use it on gold, silver, and platinum watches. 

It will remove any tarnish and give a watch a shine. It’s gentle on it without scratching it, so that you can use it on the most valuable watches. 

The pros of this cloth are the size, how well it polishes, and that no chemicals are needed to use it.

Cons are that the size makes it hard to use it on small jewelry, and for some people, it didn’t work at all.  


MRCUFF Building Block Pair of Cufflinks in a Presentation Gift Box &...
  • MRCUFF Building Block Pair Cufflinks in a Presentation Gift Box & Polishing Cloth
  • Arrives in hard-sided presentation box ready for gift giving, then can be used for storage or display box. Your french...
  • Perfect for weddings, formal or business attire, awesome gifts for best man, groom, father, boss, boyfriend, husband or...

Does your man need a pair of cufflinks? These cufflinks are a fun way to incorporate his love of watches in a new way. 

They feature small rubies, cogs, and gears. They are 0.63 inches wide, which is a good size for cufflinks. What’s special about these links are that the mechanism can be up to a hundred-years-old.

The cufflinks could show some signs of wear, which can make it feel more authentic. 

This creator has top ratings for their store. People like that each set of links are unique and how well made it is.


A Man & His Watch: Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore...
  • Book - a man and his watch: iconic watches and stories from the men who wore them
  • Language: english
  • Binding: hardcover

Is your watch lover a reader? This collection of stories may be the perfect read for him. Subtitled Iconic Watches and Stories from the Men Who Wore Them, this book is filled with amazing stories about people and their watches.

It talks about how Paul Newman wore his Rolex Daytona every day until he died in 2008. It’s now the most wanted watch in the world. His daughter, Clea, wears it every day in his honor. 

There are stories involving Franklin Roosevelt, JFK, and Winston Churchill. 

The collection proves that a watch is never anything but just a watch.

Many reviewers said it’s a must-read for watch lovers. Though some people were disappointed, the author didn’t go into more depth with each story.


SONGMICS 12-Slot Watch Box, Watch Organizer, Lockable Jewelry Display...
  • Top-Notch Craft: Made of quality black faux leather and soft gray velvet, this jewelry box is super excellent to protect...
  • Multi-Functional Showcase: 12 watch slots with removable velvet pillows, 1 cube with ring rolls, 2 earring stud cards,...
  • Large Real Glass Lid: Real glass lid keeps your watches from dust, and offers you an open view of the displayed watches

If your watch lover has a lot of watches, this can help keep them all organized. It has twelve watch slots with removable velvet pillows. It also has a ring case, two stud earring cards, and five more compartments for whatever they want. 

It’s made of fake leather and velvet. It has a large glass lid that is easy to see through but keeps everything protected. You can choose between brown and black. 

People like this organizer because it’s well made and has a lot of room for each watch. 


Zeiger Professional Watch Repair Tool Resizing Kit, Watch Band Battery...
  • STURDY & DURABLE: Hight Quality Control. Saving Money and Saving Time:This watch repair tool kit helps to solve your...
  • 13 PCS TOOL INCLUDES: 1 three-pin case opener, 1 case with 12 pins, 3 pin punch, 3 screwdrivers, 1 spring bar removal...
  • MUILTI-FUNCTIONAL:Perfect for tasks: opening watch backs, watchband length adjustment, changing watch batteries,...

With this kit, any watch lover can take on the challenge of repairing a broken watch. This can even save them money because they can do it themselves. This kit has 13 pieces and includes:

  • A three pin case opener
  • A case with 12 pins
  • 3 pin punches
  • 3 screwdrivers
  • A spring bar removal tool
  • Tweezers
  • A watch back pry opener
  • A case holder
  • A link remover
  • A black carrying case
  • A manual

You can use this kit to open watch backs, replace batteries, change watch band lengths, and more. 

Pros of this kit are that it has everything you need to repair a watch, the tools are good quality and the price. 


Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine for...
  • Cleans dirty jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, utensils and more in minutes using only tap water (does not remove tarnish)
  • 42,000 cycle ultrasonic energy wave creates millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles that attack and remove even the...
  • 3 minute cleaning cycle and auto shut-off makes operation as simple as pressing the “on" button. Quiet operation...

Keep your watch lover’s watch nice and clean with this professional cleaner. Using only water, the cleaner uses 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves. This is how it gets rid of dirt on a watch in minutes. 

It will get rid of dirt, grime, rust, limescale, fungus, and other residues with just tap water. It only takes about three minutes to clean. There are no chemicals needed, and you don’t have to take anything apart. 

It features a transparent cover so you can watch everything as it gets clean. Best of all, it cleans quietly.

People like it because it works well without chemicals, jewelry comes out shiny, and the variety that the machine can clean. 


The Watch, Thoroughly Revised
  • Hardcover Book
  • Stone, Gene (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This book is all about vintage and contemporary mechanical watches. It’s good for anyone who likes watches, beginners or experts. It discusses the watch world including brands, models, and manufacturers. 

It features clear photos and zoomed in photos to show the details of each watch. 

This is a perfect gift for anyone who is interested in the history of watches.


Readaeer 10 Slot PU Leather Watch Box Display Case Jewelry Organizer...
  • HIGH QUALITY - Made of superior PU leather with comfortable touch feeling. It contains 10 soft removable pillows, easy...
  • CLEAR GLASS LID - Transparent window helps you to display your watches whatever in a shop or on your dressing table....
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMPARTMENT - 10 slots with removable pillows for watches and necklaces. Removable pillows provide more...

This box can hold two watches. An orange flap separates the two that way they don’t get scratched. Because of its size, it can hold almost any type of watch. 

It’s good as a storage device at home or something to throw in your suitcase. 

The exterior is made of blue leather. The interior is made of Micro Suede that keeps watches protected. It’s extra thick so you can put more weight at the top to prevent scratching. 

Perks of this box are that it’s perfect for transporting watches, it fits large watches, and how sturdy it is.

Buyer’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Gift

When it comes to picking the perfect gift, it’s important to think about the person you are giving the gift to. If they don’t like books, then getting a watch book isn’t the best choice even if they do like watches. 

If they like to work with their hands, then a tool kit would be perfect. With the tool kit, they can repair their watches. They can play around with the parts. 

Remember to keep in mind your budget. As much as you want to get something extravagant, no gift is worth going into debt for. 

Always, always, make sure to read reviews. Products can sound great on paper, after all, the company wants you to buy it, but it can sometimes not be as advertised. Nothing is worse than buying something, having to return it, and not have enough time to get something else. 

As mentioned before, people don’t have any ulterior motives to review. They like what they like and dislike what they dislike.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Choose

The biggest piece of advice we can give about great gift ideas for men who love watches is to not wait until the last minute. Why give yourself the stress of having to scramble to find something.

Start looking ahead of time and give yourself time to research what you want to buy - waiting until the last minute could mean buying a bad gift. 

Think about other things that your watch lover likes. Once you can list any hobbies, likes, or other interests, it can not only get easier but fun. You can think about how you’ll creatively incorporate a watch in your gift without simply getting a new watch. 

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