If you’re in the market for an amazing smartwatch, but you’re not sure in which direction to look, try the Apple Watch as a starting point. Apple’s consistent history of quality products at median to low range prices makes getting an excellent product doable for most people.

What is a Smart Watch?

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When you think of a smartwatch, think of it as wearing a small computer on your wrist. That’s really what a smartwatch is. With a smartwatch you can check your email, receive social media notifications, keep a calendar, do scheduling, track your fitness statistics, and more.

Most often, a smartwatch is a touchscreen watch that is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected. They have electronic displays that allow the wearer to read the digital information being displayed. These screens use a variety of backlit display options, ranging from LCD to OLED or even hologram powered screens.

Many smartwatches use electronic paper or transflective liquid-crystal materials to cut back on battery power usage. Most batteries for smartwatches are rechargeable as well, which makes usability for smartwatches much more practical.

What Features do Smart Watches Offer?

Most smartwatches offer the following features as standard options, for any model:

  • Email notifications
  • Email reading
  • Texting notifications
  • Voice-to-text
  • Missed phone call notifications
  • Remote control access to your smart phone
  • Fitness training or other logging
  • Store and/or play music

The rest of the features, like scheduling, calendars, and making phone calls, are available on some brands and models, but you’ll have to verify that your smartwatch choice has them.

What is the Apple Watch?

One of the most well-known, and most popular smartwatches is the Apple Watch. They are, of course, made by Apple Incorporated, the American company known for iPods, iPads, Macbooks, Apple TVs, and other similar electronic products.

Apple is known for having a closed operating system, meaning that it’s much harder for hackers to gain access to their products and spread viruses in them.

Apple is also known for long-lasting, high quality electronics that stand the test of durability and time. Apple products tend to be good for a number of years, while their competitors’ comparable products often need replaced several times within the length of time. Apple Watches are no exception to this standard.

Apple Watches, whether we’re talking the original Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2, or any other Apple series watch, will last a good long while, and take a fairly rough handling, if necessary.

Each Apple watch series has a different set of features, based upon the particular style or purpose of the watch. The Apple series watch 1 and Apple series watch 3 models are the primary models on the market today, though. Of course, like all Apple products, you can still find the Apple series watch 2 available in stores and online. It was discontinued, however, in September 2017.

What Does the Apple Watch Do?

The amazing features and options with the Apple Watch include the following.


The well-known virtual assistant, Siri, will help you navigate your Apple Watch, the internet, and the various complications and applications of your Apple Watch.


Complications are the additional features a watch has beyond telling time. Complications can include things like a compass, chronometer, 24 hour watch, true local solar time, moon phases, or time of sunset.

The Apple Watch offers a variety of complications that you can choose to display and have readily available at your wrist any time.


You can receive email, text, social media, phone call, and calendar notifications on your Apple Watch.

Health and Fitness

If you’re into fitness and health, you can use your Apple Watch to keep track of your personal training, steps, miles biked, or nearly anything else fitness related.


You can customize the face of your Apple Watch, including which complications you have visually available on the face.

Apple Pay

Don’t want to carry money or a card while you’re out running with your Apple Watch? Apple Pay on your Apple Watch lets you skip the complications of carrying a wallet.

Heart Rate Monitor

If you’re training or need to monitor your health, the heart rate monitor of the Apple Watch can help.

There are other features and intuitive functions of the Apple Watch that vary from model to model. Look through the options before purchasing to make sure you’re getting the right one for you.

When You’re Ready to Buy

Before you go out and buy a smartwatch, be sure to read reviews from real people on sites like Amazon, Consumer Reports, the Apple Store, and other reliable sites. Double check features, application features, and the size, weight, and cost of a smartwatch before you buy. We’d recommend the Apple Watch for a high quality, reasonably priced option.

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