Who knew there were so many types of watches?

The everyday man simply goes to a store and select from the options, whichever he likes best. However, there are customized watches, for different activities or professions.

For example, dive watches, are geared towards divers and will inform them about their depth, water pressure and time spent underwater. They are made tough, bulky and have glowing hands.

Then there are field watches.

The Field Watch for Men

best field watches for men

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Field watches, which truly aren’t so dissimilar from the dive watches is geared for the outdoorsy sort. Those who frequent the open country, who hike, camp and even go on archeological digs. Because of the rigors and wear and tear, in these activities, a field watch must be durable and long lasting.

If you are searching for a proper field watch, then keep these features in mind. Ensure that you go for a model that fits your budget, but you want to have value for your money. Get a waterproof and durable option.

Luckily, there are many choices on the market starting anywhere from $20 upwards. Pricier field watches are of greater quality.

Highly Recommended Field Watch Options

The next set of field watches that we show you are aesthetically pleasing and solid choices. They come highly recommended are proven durable and water resistant.

Seiko SNE331

The world leader cannot be left out of this category. Seiko offers a quality design in the Seiko SNE331. It has a rugged strap that is closed using a buckle design.

Known for their durability, you can be assured that whatever the activity that you pursue in the great outdoors, the Seiko SNE331 will hold up. Whether you go diving off a cliff into a lake, shimmying up a rock, during mountain climbing or scavenging through dense forest, this watch will stand up to the test. The nylon strap is not easy to cut.

This dark faced model has a khaki colored strap. It is rugged and suitable for that active man. It comes with a Hardlex dial window. The Seiko SNE331 is made from a stainless steel material. This helps it to be scratch resistant and is unlike other cheaper aluminum or brass versions.

It has large faced numerals, that won’t have you squinting your eyes to tell the time and the hands have a luminous glow in the dark. They have also incorporated the date and day, which is a needed component. Who wants always to be looking at a calendar?

Similar to dive watches, the Seiko SNE331 withstand dives upwards to 100m. This means it is a not a great scuba diving option.

If you are looking for a top quality watch that you can invest in and have for many years then the Seiko SNE331, is a great choice.

Timex Expedition

Another great choice for field watch buyers is the Timex Expedition watch.

If you are looking for an affordable field watch under $60 then this is one to be considered. Its manly aesthetics of black and brown colors is somewhat understated and not necessarily considered a flashy model. There are intricately stitched straps in a tan color.

Buyers are enthused by the pricing. Other models with its features are generally priced higher, but not the Timex Expedition, because it is made of brass. Fans continually rate it highly and are impressed with its water resistance at 100m and stunning design. As required, it comes with luminous hands, has stop watch features and timer dials that often are not found in other models.

GPW Military

Talk about one of the best military watches and you will appreciate the GPW designed military watches.

This company supplies the best military watch to the Germans, because, it is built strong and can withstand the more brutal conditions, which a soldier can go through.

The GPW Military watch has rubber straps that soldiers find comfortable. They are also able to flex more easily, preventing rips. Another great feature is the titanium casing, which is secured by a screw-in locked crown. The stainless steel casing cannot compare. The face is made from sapphire crystal, which withstands scratching well.

While the common man won’t be damaging this high-level performer, you will still be reassured that it is water resistant, just in case you lose it in the pool.

Hamilton Khaki Field

Another great choice is the Hamilton Khaki Field watch.

They are a popular choice with many people, who wear military watches. It too has a sapphire crystal face that is scratch resistant and it handles water depths of up to 100m. The casing is made from stainless steel and is attractive enough, with its leather strap, to wear with a business suit.

Wrap Up

No matter your preference, there is a field watch to match your style. Whether you are going for understated, with quality features or stylistic designs and big numerals, there is an option for you. Remember to keep in mind that these watches must be both durable and water resistant.

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