Many fashion accessories come and go, but one that continues to be popular is the wristwatch. Not only do men and women wear one to accessorize, but it provides that basic function of telling time.

Living in a tech-savvy, many people don’t understand the appeal of a traditional watch when our smartphones and other mobile devices are just a finger tap away. Watches are reliable and even sometimes more convenient to use than your smartphone.

Whether you’re buying a watch for the first time or are looking for a new one, Brathwait watches may be for you. In our Brathwait watch review, we tell you everything you need to know about this popular company and the watches they sell, so you can decide if they are the right watch for you.

Who is the Brathwait Watch Company?

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Brath​​wait, Inc. is a Delaware based company which was founded in 2014. According to the company site story, Brathwait is the “world’s only transparent watchmaker” that eliminated industry shortcuts, focuses on quality manufacturing, and honest pricing. 

Brathwait’s mission is to offer elegant watches for women and men at an affordable price. The company got their inspiration from Richard Brathwait, an English writer and poet who wrote some of the first guides on manners and respect, The English Gentleman and The English Gentlewoman, in 1631.

Brathwait believes that one of the secrets to their success is their mission to make their luxury watches more affordable by eliminating some of the “middleman” of the industry. Brathwait explains how they save their customers money by using the following example.

Consider a watch that costs $75. After the sales agent marks up the price by 15 percent and sells it to a retailer. The retailer marks up the profit, and by the time you buy a $75 watch at a retailer, you may spend $200. 

Brathwait uses the same materials and factories of luxury watches that cost up to $3,000, but since they sell directly to you, they can offer you the watch at a more affordable price.

Brathwait Breaks Down the Cost of Their Watches 

As consumers, we rarely have an inside look at the breakdown of pricing for the products we buy. Brathwait sets itself apart from other watch companies by telling consumers how much a watch costs, piece-by-piece. 

In this Brathwait watch, review let’s take a closer look at how the Brathwait watches are priced, as explained by the company. It’s important to keep in mind that Brathwait’s pricing may differ for each watch, but the following example gives you a good idea of how the pricing works per watch.

Sapphire Glass

Nearly all luxury watches use sapphire glass for the crystal. Sapphire glass is a popular choice for high-end watches because it is resistant to scratches and is durable. The price range of most sapphire glass is between $4 and $15 and the price reflects the hardness of the glass. 

Harder glass is more difficult to cut, is more durable, and more expensive. Brathwait’s sapphire glass is $14.15.

Swiss Movement 

If you’ve shopped around for luxury watches, you may notice that many of the high-priced quartz watches use Ronda movement, which is Swiss made. Quartz movement prices range between $2 and $10.

Quartz movement that costs around $10 has better shock resistance and extended battery life. Brathwait uses quartz movement that costs $10 and has a battery life of up to 40 months.

Leather Straps 

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Many people purchase a watch that they assume is high-quality, due to the high-end price, and while the case (or the actual watch face) may be durable, the watch strap is not. Some people also assume that the watch strap (or band) is authentic or high-quality leather only to find out that it’s fake or poor quality.

Brathwait uses straps made of top grain Italian leather; top grain is some of the strongest leather available. Other costs of the straps include stainless steel buckles and rose gold coating, which brings the total cost of the watch strap to $18.50.

The Stainless Steel Case 

Stainless steel cases are popular on high-end watches as it is a durable material. Some of the best stainless steel cases typically cost $9.70 to produce; Brathwait watch cases cost $9.70.

Rose Gold Coating 

Brathwait uses a rose gold coating on some of their watches, which is a mix of gold and copper, on the stainless steel cases. The coating is designed to last a lifetime, and it costs $11.25.

Watch Dial 

One of the essential parts of a watch is the dial. The dial is a thin metal plate and the components cost around $2.70. Since dials require precision to assemble parts, specialized equipment is needed. A Brathwait watch dial costs $3.75.

Additional Costs for a Brathwait Watch 

Additional costs for Brathwait watches include shipping, transaction fees, order fulfillment, customs, and other expenses. The cost is about $30 per order.

A Look at Brathwait Watches 

Our Brathwait watch review wouldn’t be complete without looking at the Brathwait watch collection. Brathwait has an extensive collection of 35 men’s watches, 29 women’s watches, and 18 interchangeable watch straps.

In our review, we take a closer look at some of Brathwait’s best-sellers. You can browse the entire collection, or you can narrow your search by browsing categories. The Brathwait men’s watch categories include:

  • The Automatic
  • The Classic
  • The Swiss Made
  • The Luminous
  • The Swiss Classic

The women’s collection has two categories: The Swiss Made and The Classic.

The Classic Slim 

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The men’s Classic Slim watch is one of Brathwait’s best-sellers. The glass is 1.9 mm thick dome sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating. The case is stainless steel (AISI 316I) available in either 40mm or 36mm wide.

The movement is a Swiss quartz movement with a second-hand tick. Rather than numbers, the watch face on the Classic Slim has a minimalist look with tick marks. The watch is water resistant up to 328 feet.

The case dimensions are 40 mm wide and 7.5 mm tall (1.57 x 0.27 inches) or 36 mm wide and 6.9 mm tall (1.41 x 0.26). The 40 mm wide case is designed as a men’s fit while the 36 mm wide case is designed for women.

There are a few options to choose from with the Classic Slim. The rose gold coating comes with a brown top grain Italian leather strap. The stainless steel case (without the rose gold coating) comes with a stainless steel mesh strap. 

Another popular choice in the Classic Slim category is The Liberty Datekeeper. This watch has all the classic features of the Classic Slim, but the face of the watch is dark grey with gold index and hands, as well as a date window. The watch strap completes the look with dark grey crocodile leather.

The watch straps for the Classic Slim is 20 mm wide (for the 40 mm case) and 16 mm wide (for the 36 mm case) and 24 cm long. 

Strap Options

As we already mentioned, one of the unique features of the Brathwait watch are the interchangeable straps that are easily changed with the push of a button on the inside of the watch straps. All straps are designed as “one size fits all.”

  • Dark brown crocodile leather with rose gold accents
  • Dark brown crocodile leather with steel accents
  • Brown crocodile leather with rose gold accents
  • Black crocodile leather with steel accents
  • Black crocodile leather with rose gold accents
  • Green NATO with rose gold or steel accents
  • Purple NATO with rose gold or steel accents
  • Blue NATO with rose gold or steel accents
  • Black leather with rose gold or steel accents
  • Dark brown leather with rose gold or steel accents
  • Brown leather with rose gold or steel accents
  • Stainless steel with mesh strap

The Minimalist Luminous 

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The Minimalist Luminous watch has many of the same dimensions and features as the Classic Slim like the 1.9 mm thick dome sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating and a stainless steel case.  

Some of the unique features of the Minimalist Luminous watch include numbers with luminous hands and dial. The Minimalist Luminous is available in all black (case and strap) or with a white clock face and rose gold coating and accents. 

There are dozens other Brathwait watches available. For a complete look at their collection, check out the company site.

Pricing, Warranty, and Return Policy 

As we noted earlier, the pricing for Brathwait watches varies depending on the materials and design style. The lowest price is $99, for watches like the Swiss Classic with black mesh strap, and up to $595 for The Swiss Made Automatic with the black top grain Italian leather strap.

If you’re interested in purchasing additional straps that you can swap out to change your look, each strap is $35.

Brathwait frequently offers promo codes to receive discounts on your order. There is also an opportunity to save $30 when you refer a friend, and they spend at least $100 at Brathwait.

You may qualify to make monthly payments on your Brathwait purchase, and the company accepts all major credit cards as well as Paypal.

Brathwait offers free shipping worldwide, and they have a “see-before-you-keep” policy. This means that you can return the unworn watch within 30 days of delivery and receive a refund; otherwise, all sales are final.

Brathwait watches are covered by a twelve-month warranty, which includes defects in manufacturing like the watch movement or dial and hands. The warranty will not cover damage from normal wear and tear.

Public Perception of Brathwait Watches 

Curious to find out how the public perceives the Brathwait brand and their watches, we spend time reading customer reviews and testimonials about their Brathwait watches. We read the testimonials on the Brathwait site, but wanted to find out more since we assume that the company will only post comments that are in favor of the brand.

Many Brathwait watch owners initially purchased their watch because they were looking for a top-of-the-line look at a more affordable price. Brathwait watches have classic designs that less likely to be “outdated” by other fashion trends.

While the majority of testimonial and reviews that we read outside of the company website are positive, there are some complaints about mechanical issues and some question the quality of materials.

A few reviewers were offered a full refund on their watch after providing negative feedback about their watch, but it’s unclear whether or not Brathwait will always offer a refund (especially when you consider their 30-day policy).

Final Thoughts 

Brathwait has a positive reputation overall, and we believe that the watch brand is one to consider when looking for a new watch.

We appreciate that Brathwait breaks down the pricing for every watch they sell to show their customers what they are paying for. We like the simple and “timeless” designs with the option to change out your watch straps.

While we understand the idea behind the “see-before-you-keep” policy, it can be hard to get a good feeling for a watch unless you can wear and use it. It’s nearly impossible to get a good sense of comfort and function until you can give your watch a test run on your wrist. If you don’t end up liking your watch, after wearing it even for a day, it appears that you are out at least $100 (depending on the watch you purchase).

Aside from the not-so-great return policy, Brathwait watches are reasonably priced, attractive, and make a great accessory for men and women looking for fashion and function.

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