When looking for the best uses for Apple Watch, you'll notice that users have found unique and interesting ways of utilizing this electronic device. The best uses for Apple Watch include items such as timers, reminders, tracking of activities, and connecting to other devices.

The Apple Watch is also compatible with many different third-party apps, and the number of apps available continues to grow. The Apple Watch is also released in different "collections" with the most recent being series 4.

What Is The Apple Watch?

The Apple watch is one of the many smartwatches that are now available to consumers. These watches most often pair with a smartphone but are capable of connecting to other devices such as speakers, cars, laptops, TVs, and headphones.

Apple watches are the smartwatch offered along with other Apple products, and it integrates with other iOS devices and services. The Apple watch is a highly versatile and tiny electronic device that someone can wear as they would any other watch.

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The Apple watch was released in 2015 and quickly became a hit with consumers. Over 4 million watches sold during the second quarter of 2015 and one of the more recent iterations of the Apple Watch is the Apple Watch Series 3 which was released in 2017.

The Apple Watch Series 4 was released in late 2018 which also was the end of the production era for the Apple Watch Series 1.

Who Can Benefit From Using An Apple Watch?

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Vast portions of the population can benefit from an Apple Watch, but mostly those who already use Apple products will find the Apple Watch to be most attractive. The Apple Watch pairs with other iOS devices and some other enabled devices such as cars and speakers which can be useful in everyday life.

For many of us, having our phone out to check the time or keep track of notifications or messages isn't an option, and the Apple Watch is an excellent way to keep tabs on things discreetly. The Apple Watch also has a longer battery life than most phones and is waterproof.

If you are frequently on the go and can't check your phone, the Apple Watch may be very helpful. Likewise, if you are attempting to track specific activities, the Apple Watch may be a more mobile device that you can check at a glance.

You can also easily set reminders on your Apple Watch which makes it easier to time chores, appointments, and set timers to help fit more in your life with less stress. Apple Watches can also stream select media and are compatible with many third-party apps that help to expand its usefulness.

Best Uses For An Apple Watch

How you use your Apple Watch is ultimately up to you, but many individuals have found that their Apple Watch can drastically improve their productivity and reduce their stress by incorporating it wisely into their everyday lives.

If you are looking for best uses for Apple Watch, our list includes some practical, time-saving options that are easy to use and help to maximize how you get things done or track activities as you go about your day. 


Notifications on your Apple Watch can mean a variety of things, but all notifications sent to the watch can be received and read discreetly compared to reading them on a typical smartphone.

The Apple Watch can display a number of different notifications including notifications about text and email messages, notifications from apps that you use, or even notifications signaling you have a phone call or voicemail.

How you receive notifications is ultimately up to you since you can customize the settings for many of these notifications individually. Notifications can also be silenced on your watch for set periods of time.

The watch pairs with your phone to deliver these notifications, and your phone can be set to alert you to messages and notifications in a different way than your watch does. Phones, for example, can vibrate when you receive a message and your watch can remain silent.

The notifications are also handy for those who have a lot on their hands such as new parents. New parents may not always have hands free to use their phone which can be out of reach, and the watch is well within reach on their wrist for sending and receiving messages as needed.

Timer Setting

One thing that the watch is excellent for is quickly setting timers for a number of different tasks or appointments. You can set reminders or timers to let you know when laundry is done when you need to pick up something, or when you have a specific appointment.

The timers on the smartwatch can all be set individually, and you can set as many as you want. Using your watch for setting cooking timers can also ensure that your phone doesn't get gross from dirty hands and you'll still have your hands free.

Some individuals also find it helpful to use their watch for timers when they don't plan to have their phone with them such as when they put in a load of laundry or when they're working outside. The time remaining is visible at the bottom of the screen, so there's no need even to touch the watch until the time is up.

Sleep Tracking

Wearing your watch to bed is a relatively unobtrusive way to track your sleep, and it beats the alternative of taking another device to bed with you. Many devices designed to track your sleep will need to be recharged fairly often, but the watch can be used while you sleep and frequently have enough battery left to make it through an entire day.

There are a number of apps that help your watch track your sleep throughout the night, and you can choose the one that you like the best and has the features you need. There are other smartwatches available that are more adept for this specific purpose, but the Apple Watch will work reasonably well if you don’t want to purchase another device.


There are two ways to get music on your Apple Watch:

  • Stream the music from different sources using your cellular data
  • Download the music directly onto your watch

To get the music on your watch, you'll need to get the companion app for this purpose, and you can still add your MP3s. You'll need to use headphones to listen to music from the watch, but since the recent series has cellular support, you can stream a wide variety as well.

Streaming music will still use some data, but it's a great way to get Apple Music features without needing your phone with you. You’ll also want to make sure you have a nice pair of Bluetooth enabled headphones as the Apple Watch doesn’t have a port to plug in headphones.

The watch will need headphones linked to play music, and if you don't have any handy and try to play a song a little notification box will pop up asking you to sync some headphones before you can continue.

Users will also be happy to hear that services such as Spotify now have their own Apple Watch app available so you can listen to your favorite mixes wherever you are without needing your phone.

Water Activities

Starting with the Apple Watch series 3, these smartwatches were water resistant, and they can be submerged in water up to 50 meters if necessary. There is also an added feature called Water Lock that kicks in automatically when you get in the water, but you'll need to turn it on to eject any remaining liquid once you're done.

The Water Lock feature helps to clear the water out of the device and to use it you turn the digital crown component. If you went swimming in salt water, you might also want to rinse the device with fresh water to ensure the impurities in salt water don't damage your device.

Many smartphones are also waterproof, but they are far too bulky and cumbersome to take along on a water workout. A smartwatch is much easier to secure to the body and can be used with just the touch of a finger.

Replace Your Remote

You won't have to use a traditional remote in your home if you have an Apple Watch and an Apple TV. Instead, your watch can replace the remote and help you navigate through the menus on your TV without ever leaving your wrist.

Multiple members of the household can also interact with the TV using their Apple Watches which means never having to ask where the remote went ever again or having to replace batteries.

You can also use the Apple Watch for your home theater if you have a Harmony Hub. The watch can run different scripts, or give different components of your theater instructions without you having to program each one individually.

Another bonus is that third-party apps for this use appear regularly and this means that you can expect ever more helpful apps to use on your watch.

Connect To Your Vehicle

Not all vehicles will connect to your Apple Watch, but a select set of modern ones will not only connect but will interact and confirm the status of your car upon your request. BMW, Mercedes, VW, and Porche all have vehicles that can connect to your Apple Watch and allow it to do things such as lock and unlock doors.

You can also check the battery level on your vehicle, honk the horn on demand, and even locate where your car is parked. If you happen to share a car with another family member regularly, this feature can help you find the vehicle and keep you from locking yourself out without needing to message the other person.

New apps for this kind of ability are slightly slower to come out as there are a number of security concerns that have been raised. While there are some protections against the high jacking of vehicles by using an Apple Watch, experienced hackers will have little trouble taking over a car.

To combat this potential for exploitation you can expect there to be a number of steps when it comes to linking your vehicle to your watch, but also keep in mind that enabling this feature on your car does increase its vulnerability to hackers and potential theft when compared to older vehicles with less capable electronic components.


When you ask users what they most commonly use their Apple Watch for the answer is bound to be related to some kind of fitness tracking. Fitness tracking is one of the most popular uses for all smartwatches, and you may have also heard people talking about "getting steps in."

Apple Watches can do much more than count steps though. There are a number of different apps available that allow you to compete with your friends through different fitness challenges and by logging various workouts that you do.

There are also notifications when competitor's complete fitness workouts, and you can compare stats and set goals for yourself along the way. Apple Watches can track a variety of different activities aside from walking, and the third-party app you choose will largely decide how your activity is monitored and how the user dashboard looks.

The Apple watch also has an Activity Sharing feature that you can enable by opening the Activity app on your watch or phone and navigating to the sharing tab. You can then invite someone to share their activity information with you in exchange for sharing your data.

Third Party Apps

As third-party apps continue to be released for iOS and the Apple Watch the number of things that users can do with their watch continues to expand. While some new third-party apps serve as an update to older and more cumbersome apps, some will be new and add more functionality to your watch.

Third party apps are not released by Apple but are generally somewhat vetted before they are allowed to be for sale on the Apple Store. 

Third party apps can also be a great way to enjoy fun new features on your Apple Watch before Apple starts including them on the next version release. Some apps will also have more eye-pleasing skins or better user dashboards that make it easier for you to interact with your watch.

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