Long gone are the days when customers had to stick with the boring, singular watch face option that you grew accustomed to over the years, like your average Rolex watch face.

Usually you had to buy a brand new watch, if you desired a change in color, long, purpose or material. In the ever-expansive world of technology gadgets, there is the insatiable hunger for variety and difference. Hence, more and more innovative watchmakers, especially Apple, are designing their wares to suit these needs.

The Apple watch does not allow for third party customizations. They are very restrictive in this regard.

However, what they provide is the capability to customize your watch face digitally, in whatever way you wish. As such, the chances that you will have a similar watch face as another Apple watch wearer is slim.

What are the Best Apple Watch Faces?

In this category, the best is a matter of personal preference.

That is why Apple produces features, which can be mixed and matched to lend to the possibility of dozens of watch faces. No matter whether you prefer a more traditional watch face or one incorporating your favorite picture, Apple has it all.

At the beginning, there were only a few choices provided by Apple. Compared to the ten released then, the options available now are almost endless. They have certainly leapt miles ahead in the 21st century stance on technology.

Steps to Installing an Apple Watch Face

If you have an Apple watch, then firmly press down on the screen to begin the process of changing the watch face. This is called a ‘force touch’.

The next screen you see will display a number of options, in the gallery, for you to make a choice that suits your tastes.

different watch faces

Image via Cult of Mac

There are some options in the selection, which are partially customizable.

The watch face is not the only feature, which is customizable. Remember you can mix and match your watchstraps as well.

The Best Apple Watch Face Options

Here we will explore a few of the best Apple watch faces. The top selections are varied enough to match any preference.

Siri Apple Watch Face

This watch face is available with the watchOS 4. As is expected, Siri is very helpful in this regard as well.

On the face, various bits of information are displayed, which can be useful to your daily tasks or routine. For example, up-to-date weather forecasts, calendar events and even traffic conditions. It further works in conjunction with other applications such as your Alarm, Wallet, Maps or even Breathe.

All these apps are accessed via the display cards directly. Even Siri can be accessed from the watch face as well.

Toy Story Watch Face

On a lighter note, there is an attractive and amicable watch face based of the Toy Story flick.

Certainly, many fans of the movie will be appreciative of this option. Just imagine seeing Rex, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie or Woody on your screen. It will certainly bring a smile to your face and your days will be lighter and less stressful for it. The bonus element is that they are all animated.

As is expected with this kind of technology, users have the option of sticking with one character or choosing the ‘toy box’ feature to cycle each character, on your screen. You will be pleasantly surprised when some of the other characters make an appearance.

Utility Apple Watch Face

For the more practically minded person, there is the Utility watch face. You can customize it to keep track of your fitness and any other option or app you desire.

Modular Apple Watch Face

Another of the customizable watch faces, the modular option displays a lot of information. It will save you a lot of time, which would typically be spent checking your iPhone details.

Jellyfish Apple Watch Face

The motion face of the Jellyfish option is less hectic. This is one of the zen or peaceful watch faces, which Apple built for less complication. If time and date is all you need, then this is a great option.

Time Lapse Watch Face

A bit of photography anyone?

For the more creative and introspective types, you will love the time-lapse option. It allows for some customization. Keep o mind it uses a little more battery power than usual.

Astronomy Watch Face Option

Are there any planet watchers out there?

This watch face option is for you. Talk about an education every second of the day.

You will have a treat when you try to adjust the time and the planets start to move into different positions or rotate. Note that it gives an accurate depiction of the solar system at that time.

Astronomy lovers will be well pleased with being able to tap on the sun or moon and be shown the different lunar or solar phases.


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